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The competent multihoster scores with over 80 filehosters that the user can access. The list includes established well-known providers such as Turbohit, Uploaded, Rapidgator and Filespace. Five offers with different running times ensure flexible use. As this is a relatively new provider, there is no significant linkifier experience on the Internet yet. However, it has already been benevolently explained that the majority of the supported 80 filehosters can usually be activated without any problems. In other words, the user always has the possibility to implement functioning file hosting services at any time. The rapid speed of 300 megabit is not only promised, but also kept. Linkifier guarantees unlimited downloading. You can also download files in parallel without difficulty. At irregular intervals Linkifier scores with remarkable discounts. At Christmas, for example, the last two offers were presented with a voluminous discount. The offer with a 730-day term scored points with a 43% discount, while the “lifetime” version was an even 50% cheaper. In the summer of 2019, extensive discounts were also granted in the form of free terms.

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Security and privacy

SSL encryption is part of the standard Linkifier program. Malware scans are also activated. The transactions are usually carried out via a gateway provider. The reputable appearance, various possibilities and favourable offer packages are interesting for most users, they are looking for further information.

Who are the 80 filehosters

Linkifier makes no big secret about the filehosters. The published list is updated in short intervals; every website visitor can take a look. Some providers do not allow the filehoster list to be viewed until the Premium Account has been opened. The filehoster provides storage space, while the focus is on uploading and downloading larger files. The amount of storage space provided is relevant, as is the allowed speed. The perfect solution is the Multihoster, like Linkifier. The business principle is very simple. You pay for a premium account, but use a large number of filehosters and their offers. Linkifier keeps what is promised in the advertising. If numbers and mathematics come into play, you have to consider that with a Premium Account you use over 80 download possibilities. If you would otherwise open an account at the filehoster for your download activities, it would be much more expensive. For quite some time now, users have been interested in a premium link generator. Linkifier is undisputedly one of the best providers in this industry. The experienced user concentrates primarily on the following criteria, which are decisive for the frequent user:

  • Download speed
  • Quality of customer support
  • Speed of the server
  • how is the customer supported with problems
  • Is there a refund guarantee

The Linkifier experience is partly gained in the areas of customer support, refund options and use of the download managers. Many Linkifier experiences also relate to the price-performance ratio, speed and availability of the filehosters. Linkified is not only able to keep the promised speed, but also increases the speed with the help of the download managers. The division of several connections realizes the high speed. Experts give the tip, if you book the Premium Account, it makes sense to delete the free account. There is a possibility that problems may occur during download. If the free account is no longer active, there will be no complications. Linkifier is considered an “all-in-one provider”.

The Linkifier test refers to relevant criteria

The icing on the cake are the over 80 filehosters that Linkifier presents. The unlimited download files volume is also significant. The above-average promised speed is taken into account in the Linkifier test. The currently valid offers are also interesting and convince the user: Duration 30 days 90 days 180 days 730 days Lifelong Prices in USD 9,99 26,99 44,99 149,99 299,99

Usability on the website

The structure of the Linkifier website is simple and extremely customer friendly. The menu item “Supported Filehoster” leads you to the list of supported filehosters. Under “Hoster Status” important information is present, as well as the current status of the hoster. If you are interested, the booking of a Premium Account is possible at any time. Make your personal Linkifier experience first, in order to be able to use the comfortable services with a Premium Account. Should you not like the service after all, there is a money-back guarantee. So you don’t take any risk when you book the Account, but you will benefit from the numerous advantages Linkifier offers. Very cautious users book for 30 days at 9.99 USD or 8.93 Euro at today’s rate. The account is affordable and allows you to enjoy the intense Linkifier experience. By the way, payment is made once, not monthly as usual.

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Payment options

Linkifier is also versatile in this area. Some alternatives like Paysafecard, credit cards, PayPal or Bitcoin are available. If you have a large amount of files that need to be processed, chaos can quickly ensue. Download managers are there to help you, which can also be activated via Linkifier. jDownloader is known to most users; if you have a premium account, you can use jDownloader. If you want to use other services, IDM or Mipony is just as satisfactory.

The Linkifier test refers to the following criteria

The available 80 filehosters and the exorbitant speed are the main points of the offers. The price-performance ratio is quite reasonable. The download volume is usually made available by the filehosters without limitation. The speed of 300 Mbit is definitely worth mentioning. Some of the main plus points that stand out in the Linkifier Test:

  • Over 80 filehosters are present
  • remarkable speed of 300 Mbit
  • no waiting periods
  • several files can be loaded simultaneously
  • established filehosters like Uploaded, Share-Online and K2S are supported
  • jDownloader is integrated with version 2, which is undisputedly rated by users as the best feature
  • one month term already from 9.99 US dollars

The extensive selection, stability and customer-friendly interface convince many users. The competent customer support is also worth mentioning. A further Linkifier test confirms the team’s comprehensive expert knowledge in the test report. The prices are satisfactory and the above-average speed is also remarkable. The general neutral tests are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Download Speed, first-class result with Linkifier
  • Prices, considering the features, acceptable at Linkifier
  • Availability of the filehosters; with 80 filehosters there are no difficulties at this point
  • Security; at Linkifier the security of our customers has the highest priority

Linkifier scores with multiple functions

If you download a lot, you know this area very well. Linkifier is one of the best providers in this industry. The advertising promises that Linkifier presents are by no means exaggerated, but the provider keeps his promises. Therefore, you will see extensive positive Linkifier experiences on the net. High-quality service, a wide range of functions and above-average speeds, achievable with 80 filehosters, make Linkifier the leader. Although the price-performance ratio is in the midfield, the services and possibilities are calculated too low in return. Therefore, the price-performance ratio is rated as quite reasonable. The possibility to test with the smallest offer or the free account are highlights of this provider. You can test the functions completely risk-free. In addition, there is a money-back guarantee, so that you will be reimbursed for the costs of the offer even in case of doubt. Furthermore, download files accelerators such as IDM and MIPONY are available.

Linkifier is constantly striving for improvement

The Linkifier team is not resting on its laurels. Problems that occurred during the download were fixed immediately. The developers are concentrating on expanding the service. There will be even more support for download managers and file hosts. Any customer complaints will be responded to promptly by taking corrective action as soon as possible.

How to activate Linkifier

Find the website of a filehoster and copy the download link you are interested in. Now register with Linkifier and paste the link immediately. You can use the download managers at first. Registering and opening a Premium Account with Linkifier is as easy as using them. Although Linkifier is still relatively new, this provider is very well known. This is due to its unique offers and impressive services and features. Beginners are equally satisfied, because they are not alone in facing problems, the Linkifier team is there to help. Important files, which you load for example from Uploader, Bigfile, Turbohit or Datafile, can be easily downloaded with only one Premium Account at Linkifier. Waiting time and annoying advertisements are no annoyance for you. Downloading different files is no longer a cost factor for you, but such activities are carried out immediately and securely.


Linkifier is the recommended multihoster. Reviews and customer opinions lead to positive results. 80 filehosters, the rapid speed and reasonable prices are decisive for the registration. The offer models are acceptable and leave free choice. Who does not want to commit himself, books for the time being 30 days. Those who are convinced of Linkifier and its services order 730 days or the lifetime offer. Linkifier supports well-known providers so that customers quickly gain confidence. A further advantage is the unlimited use. The payment options are quite tolerable for every user. You can even pay with the crypto currency Bitcoin.

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